How important it is to assess employees thoroughly before recruiting

Better safe than sorry

This is a true story.

So there’s this guy called Satish (last name hidden to protect identity) who worked in a large bank and was unproductive in his job since the last couple of years. The organization helped him overcome, tried developing his skills through training sessions and gave him many opportunities, but all in vain. They also gave him several chances to improve but he wasn’t willing to. He was known to be a notorious guy who challenged the management with dire consequences if they fire him. Finally, after repeated warnings, they had to sack him. He approached the police and registered a complaint against the organization that they fired him because he belonged to a backward community and that he was a victim of racism. On 1st December, 2017, he dragged 13 officials of the company to the police station with no fault of theirs.

Now this is true that he was from a backward community and currently optimistic organizations overlook these factors during recruitment assuming all five fingers are not the same. However strong your company’s background assessment is or the upbringing assessment is, wolves like these will always creep in in sheep’s clothing.

I know that there are a few company’s who avoid recruiting from certain communities. Their reason is simple: “Better safe than sorry”. There are organizations who are up-to-date with the current affairs and who really want to play safe. Every little experience like Satish’s makes organizations more cautious.

Is there a long term solution to ensure high integrity among employees irrespective of what background they come from? Will practising honesty help them attain a better future? Are we moving towards making a breed of workable employees? There are many tools available to assess core competencies, character traits and even emotional intelligence. But the most important thing is the core value that an individual needs to have to be a winner.

My simple suggestion to employers is not just to assess employees based on their qualification, experience and skill-sets but also on their background, aptitude, views and opinions about different subjects, behaviour, thought process, etc.How to go about it? There are plenty of tools available on the internet.

Every organization and every country is defined by the type of people living in it.



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