5 things to do before quitting


Do you really love your job? Does it get difficult sometimes?

Both my parents retired from their first jobs. They worked for good 30 years in their respective companies and they were always very happy about it. When I asked them, what made them work at the same place for such a long time, both had a simple and a common answer: They were needed at the job and they respected that. I interpret it as they were seen as the assets of the company.

And you see today, people change jobs like changing clothes. A little issue internally, a rupee more at the next assignment, an assumption of a better role and they move at a blink of an eye. And these are the same people telling us long stories about accountability and commitment.

I have always had a soft corner for the HR. They do everything they can to find you among the herd, board you, train you and tolerate you. And they get really disappointed when one fine day they see an email from you stating you want to ‘quit’. I am deliberately using the word ‘quit’ here because when you were recruited, you were expected to collaborate and add value to the growth of the organization. But you decide to ‘quit’ a legacy you could’ve built if you would’ve stayed.

Remember: No job in today’s competitive world is simple. In some jobs you’ll find challenges every moment

Try these things before you say “I quit”:

1.      Talk to your seniors when in doubt. If they do not listen talk to their seniors. Speak it out till you feel much lighter

2.      Chalk out your plan in the company for the next 5 years (even if it seems a little superficial) and share it with your seniors

3.      Give ideas. Be dynamic. Build a positive culture

4.      Find out if you really are the asset of the company. If yes, cherish it

5.      Before quitting, find options to stay



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